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Windows 8

The Start button is back on the desktop, tap or click on it to go to the Home screen. You can now after signing up to go directly to the desktop, and you can use the same background for both your desktop and the Start screen. You can also go directly to the new playback Apps.

In search once everywhere

Advanced search with Bing gives you a single search results from both the Web and your PC (institutions, bestanden en apps) get to see. Tap or click the search results and you can get started. So you can listen to a music track, call a friend, Open an app or go to your favorite site. Locate and then click or tap. (In some regions, some features are not available.)

More simultaneously do

Chatting among gaming, shopping and watch a video or listen to music and work, it is all at once. Depending on your screen size, you can now simultaneously display up to four apps on your screen.

Download meer apps

In the redesigned Windows Store apps that you find before only Windows 8.1 were made. You will also find popular new apps and apps that are recommended for you personally. In this update are also included some great new apps, Reading List and as Meals. And you can now your apps on all your tablets and PCs Windows 8.1 install.

Follow your taste

On the Start screen, you can change the size of the tiles and choose your own colors and a moving background. On your lock screen, you can play a slide show or take a picture, without having to unlock your PC.

Quick exit

On some devices is now the top right of your Home screen shows an on / off button, so you can more easily, and faster, To exit (Not all PCs have this button). Besides the On / Off button, the Search button is also displayed on your Home screen.

Always have your files at hand

Your documents, photos and other files OneDrive and access them from any device. With this you always have a backup of your files if anything happens to your PC.

Faster browsing

Internet Explorer 11 load websites faster, portrays sites next to each other on a full screen and displays real-time information from your favorite sites on your Home screen.

Neem een rondleiding

Bekijk op deze video een aantal functies van Windows 8.1 en ontdek hoe je de beste touchscreen-apps en bureaubladproducten gebruikt.

Meer over Windows 8.1-functies

Nieuwe tablets en pc’s

Kies je eigen formaat, kleur, prijs en stijl. Met zoveel keus vind je er altijd een die bij je past.

De nieuwe tablets zijn veelzijdig en stijlvol, supersnel en ultralicht. Laptops en 2-in-1 pc’s met toetsenbord-dock bieden je snelheid, vermogen en mobiliteit. De all-in-one pc’s en desktop-pc’s hebben grotere schermen waarop je eenvoudig kunt werken en ontspannen.


Ontdek het gemak van een Windows 8.1-pc. Tik, klik en zoom alsof je nooit anders hebt gedaan, en als je even iets niet weet, zijn er altijd onze video’s en handleidingen.

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