PS3 Controller op Windows 10

Motioninjoy you may be familiar, for the use of the PS3 controller on the computer.

In order to use the PS3 controller on Windows 10 machine, you must get sure that the Driver Signing First off there. Microsoft will not like to have as they promote the Xbox console and use the Xbox controller. Then if you are already a PS3 controller is available, you may as well just make a detour.

If you motioninjoy first download and install this software:

Open de software, connect your controller to select and mark as below mode playstation 3 to. You can select if you want to drive manager wanted the driver and then click on load driver. Here you will see that the driver will not be charged.



Step 1 : Right bottom of your desktop, open the Action Center and select all settings.



Step 2 : Then select and update security.

Step 3 : If you update and Security selected, suggests recovery to left. On the right side under Advanced Boot Options, choose then for now Restart.

Step 4 : The computer will start with 3 Options, you choose the option: solve problems.

Step 5 : Furthermore you choose Advanced Options then then startup settings select, once in the display startup settings, select back computer Restart.

Step 6 : When the computer is restarted, This will show you a screen with startup settings. This time using the number and / or function keys F1-F9 can make a choice. You choose option 7, Enforcing Driver Signing. The computer will be restarted.

If you are the driver as shown below will load, this will not be a problem and you can successfully use your PS3 controller on your Windows 10 machine. In order to select the driver, Forget sure to insert the check mark for the driver. Would you have to test if the controller does actually works? Then you can select the bottom vibration testing under profiles.



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