I was Kato: Installing Kali Linux Tools on a Debian-based OS

In this article, we use Katoolin, a script that facilitates the installation of Kali Linux tools on a Linux distribution of choice. Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux security distribution to those who are primarily concerned with security. First Penetration Testing, security audits, forensics and reverse engineering.

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Remove black bars Raspbian 1080P HD

When connecting the raspberry pi 1080P on a monitor, it may be that you are in with black bars at the sides.

To remove this and enjoy the full screen, you must file in the /boot/config.txt # for removal of Disable_overscan = 1

To get the file:

sudo nano /etc/boot/config.txt














Sudo reboot and after reboot, you will have the full screen.



Time Lapse met raspberry pi

Time lapse photography is a great way to record the passage of time. It adds the dimension of time to videos that we can not see with our naked eyes. The problem with time lapse photography is that you must leave the camera for a long time at the same place.

1. What do you need:

1.1 This tutorial is made use of the raspberry pi 3B


  • Computer
  • Router
  • network cable: RPI 3B also has a Wi-Fi connection
  • A working debian system
  • Micro SD card
  • Camera for RPI : NoIR camera V2


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Excluded on your website Word Fence

You use Word Fence plugin to secure and suddenly you become locked your WordPress site. You have probably made the same mistake I did and the security of the plugin options set Enforce strong passwords (force admins and publishers to use strong passwords). Once you are logged back you can use it or disable a stronger password. Unlocking your website is easy, as long as you have access to the files (via FTP, for example,) and to the database (PHPMyAdmin).

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Nextcloud Ubuntu server 16.05-4

3rd party companies manage today your personal information, whether they are truly personal doubtful.

However, there are people in the 3rd party companies that act as administrator and thus have access to this data.

will be this way all your data itself ran, What is important to know that the data is stored in your home, with this you must provide enough storage capacity. You are responsible for your own data including security.

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Sound Troubleshooting Ubuntu

Open a terminal window.
sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

Now start pavucontrol and look how the tabs are. You start pavucontrol via the Fast Finder or via the terminal: you simply tap: pavucontrol (and press Enter).

pay attention: move the sliders do not all open at once, and no more than 90 % (deformation).

If this solution does not work, you can still offer the following solution.

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