Create Network Folder

Get a description of how to create a shared network folder.

We make 3 shares aan, this can be called its own sentence:
• Backuplogs
• Backuphome
• Backupwww
This we Shares on a Windows machine that is connected to our network, with ipconfig we have our IP address for later use.

cmd ipconfig

Create a new folder is done by Right mouse-new-map:


We share this folder on the network to be accessible to other users in the network, Right-click on the drive or folder and choose Properties - sharing. At the top we open share and suggest everyone read / write, and then share down.


Now click on Advanced sharing. Here tick share this folder after you click Permissions. If everyone is not on the list, add it to, by clicking Add. Furthermore, the authorization level can be changed, we finches modify and read.


We click Apply and our folder is shared, We do this for the other 2 Folders also on our Windows machine.

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