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1. Introduction

The Raspberry Pi is an ARM-based structure, This small and very affordable computer is made in the UK and mainly intended for educational and hobbyist purposes. It is perfectly possible this energy efficient RPI 24/24 to run, Here we think of a server or multimedia.

The ARM architecture is a highly successful processorarcitectuur coined by the British computer manufacturer Acorn Computers Ltd around 1984. The name stands for ARM Acorn RISC Machine, RISC which is an abbreviation of Reduced Instruction Set Computer. The first implementation of the instruction in silicon, the Arm1-prototype, was in 1985 developed and functioned, Acorns to surprise, almost flawlessly. Her ARM processors were originally sold as separate upgrades for Acorns own BBC Micro-computers, but formed in 1987 Based on the new generation of Acorns Archimedes-computers. Since 1991 The ARM instruction set is managed and developed by ARM Holdings. Today, the ARM instruction set by many manufacturers in license taken, after which they will produce the chips in millions (mainly mobile) process equipment.

De Raspberry Pi ondersteund full hd 1080p, supports most codecs and has a fairly user-friendly interface

2. Requirements for an installation from a Windows computer

2.1: Windisk32

  • This program is designed to write image to removable media.

2.2: Image downloaden

Windiwsk 32

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