Link within a page (wordpress)

Create an anchor in wordpress

Sometimes you want a page to create a link that causes the screen to another thumb Anchorpoint in the text on the same page scrolls. This is called a “anker link” of “anchor link”. WordPress has no standard for this function. You can easily bijplaatsen this in the HTML code.
Etc.. you have an article that is divided into several chapters, you can use an anchor to skip a chapter by sending the visitor through an anchor to the next chapter. You go to the piece of text where you want the visitor to go, In this case I want the visitor (if he so wishes) can go to chapter 4. To do this, first go to the location in the HTML code where you want to go. chapter 4 in this case.

<img class=”size-full wp-image-756 alignnone” src=”” alt=”df -Th” width=”636″ height=”203″ />

<a name=”ext4″></a> This rule is the anchor, you give it a name of your choice

<h4>4.1.2 Ext4 mount, with this the article continues.</h4>


As you can see I put the anchor over the title.

If you want to redirect inside the page to Chapter 4, you enter the HTML code to the place you want to redirect.

This means that you can mount an NTFS formatted drive on the Linux system. Here shows how an NTFS formatted HDD on the Linux OS mount, it is not recommended in this case. This is because you are going to get in trouble later with the rights. You can skip this and proceed to step <a href=”#ext4″>4.2.1 ext4 mount</a>

In the example I want visitors even desirable, may skip this step, these visitors go directly to chapter 4.


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