What is a network


A network is a collection of interconnected devices that data (data) exchanging among each other. These may be computers, network printers, camera’s, NAS, Televisions. These devices can both physically (with cable) or a wireless connection in the network. The purpose of a network is that these facilities (programma’s, data, equipment) can be shared, at least if you are connected to the network. In the network is a so-called network manager present. This can restrict access to certain facilities and deny users access to the network. This is done to improve, in the context of security and / or efficiency of the network,.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a network

Networks offer many advantages such as centralization of data, programma’s, communication and file security. Under centralizing programs, we understand that there is a central server which consists of applications in possession ( application server). There are programs on the server such as Word, Exel and the like installed. The clients can operate the offered applications on their own workplace, while maintenance, remote management and support take place on the server.

There are also disadvantages associated with a network, these have to do with knowledge and security. Managing the network, configure and secure a price tag. A major drawback is the spread of viruses, this may result in instability, the loss of data and shutdown of the network. As a result of money it can cost for eg. A business production that is dependent on his network.


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