Excluded on your website Word Fence

You use Word Fence plugin to secure and suddenly you become locked your WordPress site. You have probably made the same mistake I did and the security of the plugin options set Enforce strong passwords (force admins and publishers to use strong passwords). Once you are logged back you can use it or disable a stronger password. Unlocking your website is easy, as long as you have access to the files (via FTP, for example,) and to the database (PHPMyAdmin).

1. Change the name of the Wordfence directory

First, open your plugins folder in root / wp-content / plugins / … and you will find a folder named “wordfence“. Just change the name of the folder, For example, I changed it to “wordfence1”. This disables the plug-in and unlock your website.

You can already log back to your website.

2. Drop Word Fence tables in your database


activate NOT the plug-in again or you will be excluded again, first you have the plug-in to clear the configuration data. You can do this in your database, I use PHPMyAdmin. First make backup of your database, by it as a file to your computer to export. Now that you have a backup to go in case something wrong, you just the database tables used by Word Fence removal (drop), Select all the tables with names beginning with wp_wf and remove. Click one by one drop.

3. Activate the Word Fence plugin again


Go to your website amdin panel, log in and make sure everything is working correctly. If everything is alright, you can wordfence-plugin reactivate again in the name “wordfence” change in your plugins folder via ftp. See step 1. If something went wrong, just use your database backup.

4. Reset the word fence settings


Let's go to your WordPress dashboard and there will occur some errors. This is expected to happen was because the Word Fence plug-in data from the database tables trying to pick, but these no longer exist. Just go to your Plugins section in WordPress, Fence deactivate the Word plug-in and activate it again, this may make plug-in new database tables and get a new API key. There, configure the plugin now again .


  • Roos


    For me WordFence is not between my FTP files and also not in my database. When I want to log in to my site I can't get in because of:

    Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required ‘/var/www/vh87929/1/watisduurzamekleding.nl/wordfence-waf.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php’) in Unknown on line 0

    I would like help to solve this problem probleem.

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