I was Kato: Installing Kali Linux Tools on a Debian-based OS

In this article, we use Katoolin, a script that facilitates the installation of Kali Linux tools on a Linux distribution of choice. Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux security distribution to those who are primarily concerned with security. First Penetration Testing, security audits, forensics and reverse engineering.

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Remove black bars Raspbian 1080P HD

When connecting the raspberry pi 1080P on a monitor, it may be that you are in with black bars at the sides.

To remove this and enjoy the full screen, you must file in the /boot/config.txt # for removal of Disable_overscan = 1

To get the file:

sudo nano /etc/boot/config.txt














Sudo reboot and after reboot, you will have the full screen.



FileServer Raspberry pi {Raspbian Jessie}


1. Introduction

If you think of a fileserver, then you're probably at a central node in a network that is accessible to all or at least should be accessible to anyone with the proper rights acquired by the administrator. Here we think especially to NAS (network attached storage), taking photos, music, films, etc ... are stored centrally located. You can view this also as a back-up your files since most of these network devices to work with multiple hard drives (rAID configurations). The Raspberry Pi could also serve well as a fileserver, especially now that the RPI has been updated to a faster CPU (https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-2-model-b/)

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