Fastest Samba share Ubuntu and Kali

A short, 100% working tutorial for installing a Samba share Ubuntu and potash.

More information about Samba file sharing can be found at wikipedia and on

Terminal commands:

  • sudo apt-get install samba (can be installed)
  • cd /etc/samba/
  • sudo rm smb.conf (deleted config file)
  • sudo touch smb.conf (create a new config file)
  • sudo nano smb.conf (edit config file)



Add following data in smb.conf

  • path = home/mythras (here choose your own user name of course)
  • browseable = yes
  • read only = no (to remove any information)





Click ctrl + oa Click center

  • add smb user
    • sudo smbpasswd -a mythras (Here you enter your own username, this user must exist at the Ubuntu / Kali system)
  • start smbd en nmbd service
    • service smbd start
    • service nmbd start





Now open Windows Explorer on your computer, type the IP address of your Ubuntu machine or potash.

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