I was Kato: Installing Kali Linux Tools on a Debian-based OS

In this article, we use Katoolin, a script that facilitates the installation of Kali Linux tools on a Linux distribution of choice. Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux security distribution to those who are primarily concerned with security. First Penetration Testing, security audits, forensics and reverse engineering.

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Nextcloud Ubuntu server 16.05-4

3rd party companies manage today your personal information, whether they are truly personal doubtful.

However, there are people in the 3rd party companies that act as administrator and thus have access to this data.

will be this way all your data itself ran, What is important to know that the data is stored in your home, with this you must provide enough storage capacity. You are responsible for your own data including security.

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Sound Troubleshooting Ubuntu

Open a terminal window.
sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

Now start pavucontrol and look how the tabs are. You start pavucontrol via the Fast Finder or via the terminal: you simply tap: pavucontrol (and press Enter).

pay attention: move the sliders do not all open at once, and no more than 90 % (deformation).

If this solution does not work, you can still offer the following solution.

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Add user to your Kali Linux machine

You almost never log in as root. Root you only if you want to change system settings, things to install or troubleshoot.
Your work therefore usually when you and your “becomes as root” as needed.

Therefore it is wise to create an additional user on the potash machine

in ja, This method is the same for machines based on Debian, Ubuntu a Mint

1. Open a terminal logged in as root

2. Add a new user with:

#useradd -m username

-m to the root directory of the user

3. Create a password for the user:

#passwd user

4. Add the user to the sudo group (Software enz. To install):

#usermod -a -G sudo user

-A to add and -G indicates the group to which must be added

5. Now finally change the default shell of the newly added user to bash:

#chsh -s / bin / bash username

-s to offer a new login shell for the user


Secure USB stick

The loss of a USB stick it can obviously be that stressful feelings resurface, this because the USB device is not protected in this case and sensitive information lying in the street. Not to come to the surprise face in the future can use some software still protect your USB stick. As a result you do not have to worry that sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

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Install aircrack-ng on ubuntu 16.04 LTS

let us begin with the installation of the necessary packages that aircrack-ng to work on ubuntu, open a terminal and type the following:

  • apt-get -y install libssl-dev libnl-3-dev libnl-genl-3-dev ethtool

Now that the necessary packages are installed, we download the latest version of aircrack-ng, unpacking and installation.

In this article I have aircrack-ng version 1.2 RC3-tested.

Further, in the terminal:

  • sudo wget http://download.aircrack-ng.org/aircrack-ng-1.2-rc3.tar.gz
  • sudo tar -zxvf aircrack-ng-1.2-rc3.tar.gz
  • sudo cd aircrack-ng-1.2-rc3
  • sudo make sudo make install

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