Add user to your Kali Linux machine

You almost never log in as root. Root you only if you want to change system settings, things to install or troubleshoot.
Your work therefore usually when you and your “becomes as root” as needed.

Therefore it is wise to create an additional user on the potash machine

in ja, This method is the same for machines based on Debian, Ubuntu a Mint

1. Open a terminal logged in as root

2. Add a new user with:

#useradd -m username

-m to the root directory of the user

3. Create a password for the user:

#passwd user

4. Add the user to the sudo group (Software enz. To install):

#usermod -a -G sudo user

-A to add and -G indicates the group to which must be added

5. Now finally change the default shell of the newly added user to bash:

#chsh -s / bin / bash username

-s to offer a new login shell for the user