Excluded on your website Word Fence

You use Word Fence plugin to secure and suddenly you become locked your WordPress site. You have probably made the same mistake I did and the security of the plugin options set Enforce strong passwords (force admins and publishers to use strong passwords). Once you are logged back you can use it or disable a stronger password. Unlocking your website is easy, as long as you have access to the files (via FTP, for example,) and to the database (PHPMyAdmin).

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Nextcloud Ubuntu server 16.05-4

3rd party companies manage today your personal information, whether they are truly personal doubtful.

However, there are people in the 3rd party companies that act as administrator and thus have access to this data.

will be this way all your data itself ran, What is important to know that the data is stored in your home, with this you must provide enough storage capacity. You are responsible for your own data including security.

Keep the data within your own network, this is not a problem, once a forwarding to the outside so you can then download your files up -and it is necessary to point your security. » Read more