Webmin install debian

Webmin is a web-based tool that lets you manage a server remotely, it works through the apache server and can be accessed from any computer. It is ideal to quickly perform an action on a PC that is not in the same category site, it is recommended to run a secure http (https).
Webmin can be downloaded at http://webmin.com in the form of a .tar.gz. » Read more

What is a network

A network is a collection of interconnected devices that data (data) exchanging among each other. These may be computers, network printers, camera’s, NAS, Televisions. These devices can both physically (with cable) or a wireless connection in the network. The purpose of a network is that these facilities (programma’s, data, equipment) can be shared, at least if you are connected to the network. In the network is a so-called network manager present. This can restrict access to certain facilities and deny users access to the network. This is done to improve, in the context of security and / or efficiency of the network,. » Read more

Het OSI-model

Wat is het OSI-model The seven-layer model (OSI) and the TCP / IP reference model have much in common. Both describe a set of general guidelines and implementations of specific network protocols to enable computers over the network to communicate with each other. The OSI model which stands for Model for Open Systems Interconnection, consists of 7 Act. The DoD model or TCP / IP model consists of 4 Act, the layers perform the same functions as the seven layers of the OSI model. A reminder to remember the OSI: ALL PEOPLE SEEM TO NEED DATA PROCESSING » Read more