Switch off / Enable UAC in Windows 10

User Account Control, or UAC is a part of the Windows System Policy policy. This means that standard impose appropriate restrictions, This safety rule is to prevent Windows from becoming contaminated with undesirable, potentially harmful software.

For many it can also mean an annoyance, UAC namely interrupts with any system modification work by displaying a pop-up that asks you for permission each time.



There are 2 ways to switch from the UAC.

The first option in the Control Panel.

Open the Control Panel by right-clicking the bottom left of the screen to the Windows logo, a menu appears where you can click on Control Panel. You can also use the keyboard shortcut ALT + R, and since then typing Control, the output remains the same.







In the Control Panel, open User Accounts, including access to change settings for User Account Control.

If you never use the slider to have it open, you can set display a message.


Disabling UAC otherwise not preferred since it is at the expense of safety.


Of 2and option through the registry:


Klik op Win+R en typ regedit

Navigate to the following key:



If you do not have this key, you must create the, normally, this would have to stand still.

On the right side you right click and change the value EnableLUA 1 to 0, once this is done you must restart the computer.

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