Admin VS admin

You think you're administrator, However, this is not so. This is what Windows you love makes you believe. There is however a adminstrator account in windows but that is not enabled by default. To still enable this user account you right-click on Command Prompt and choose "Run as administrator". How do you get the command prompt? click on start / the program's / office-accessories / right click on command prompt and run as adminitrator. Once in the command prompt, run the following command:
net user administrator /active:yes

downloadThis account now pops up in the notification window windows, sign only exceptionally to this account and make sure it is secure.


usb_3While USB 3.0 a year is out, there are only a few manufacturers that have embraced the standard. We see USB 3.0 especially back in high-end systems, but that is under the USB Forum (USB-IF) changes here.

The slow acceptance of USB3.0 would mainly have to do with the cost to implement the technology by system builders. Now the technology will prices fall more attractive to manufacturers as states Jeff Craft Raven USB-IF. He predicts that USB 3.0 in 2012 found in most of the systems way. » Read more

Parallel ATA, Serial ATA, eSATA


Parallel ATA (PATA), formerly known as Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE), is a standard interface that enables communication between the motherboard of a computer disk drives. PATA is mainly used for controlling hard drives and CD-ROM drives. It makes use of the underlying AT Attachment and AT Attachment Packet Interface (ATA / ATAPI) standaarden.De name of the IDE interface refers to the way the IDE drives are designed.

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The motherboard

The motherboard (motherbord) is a printed circuit board on which all components and connections are placed. The motherboard is also a very important part of our computer. Motherboards are made in different price ranges and sizes and take into account the processors that are on the mark, each with their own socket foot. » Read more

Hard drives very quickly get crowded, especially your SSD usually of limited size is to reduce costs. A 60GB SSD is especially fast full installation of windows and the software you use.

Now there are certain things that can turn off space on your disks free. » Read more

OpenELEC op Raspberry pi

1. Introduction

The Raspberry Pi is an ARM-based structure. This small and very affordable computer is made in the UK and is primarily intended for educational and hobbyist purposes.

It is perfectly possible by its energy-efficient components have this 24/24 run, Here we think of a server or multimedia.

The Raspberry pi supports full hd 1080p, Most codecs and has a fairly user-friendly interface. » Read more